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Do you want to know how to cleanse your liver? – English Version

One of the important organs of the body is the liver. For people who maintain an active lifestyle that includes alcohol and consumption of certain foods, these people may need to do some liver detox. One might ask, what is liver detox? The answer is simple. It is the simple process of eating food that are good for the liver and drinking only water for at least a week. This will start the liver detox process of the liver and would enable it to do its job well again. Like other things, the liver along with other organs in the body, must not be abused. It is common knowledge that everything in excess is dangerous and abusing the liver, the body, and even other organs for a long time will surely present some health problems along the way. Another great addition to the recipe for body and liver cleansing are dandelion herbal capsules. These are available on health stores, groceries, and pharmacies. The dandelion herbal capsules flush the toxins off the body and helps the liver recover faster.

Inside the liver is the bile, this is the part of the liver that separates the fats and cholesterol from the food people eat. The bile is necessary to keep the intestines healthy and to avoid constipation. In the process of liver detox, one of the most helpful ingredient is the milk thistle seed extract. Other food that are necessary in the liver detox diet are garlic, green vegetables, olive oil, grapefruit, cabbage, beets and carrots, avocados, lemons and limes, whole grains, and cruciferous vegetables including broccoli, kale, and cauliflower. Additional food that are great for the detox diet are apples, whole grains, whole nuts, asparagus, etc.

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If you want to know how to cleanse your liver, here is a simple guideline

Before: Avoid food and beverages with harmful toxins such as caffeine, sugar, impure water, alcohol, and artificial sweeteners

During: Liquid diet on the first two days; fruits, steamed vegetables, and steamed rice on the next four days; and addition of other liver-friendly food on the diet

After: Return to regular diet but cut out on unhealthy food and beverages like packaged foods, refined foods, junk foods, wheat, eggs, sugar, and other processed foods. Also it is important in liver detox to decrease consumption of caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, and street drugs

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There are many ways on how to detox your body and although it can be quite challenging, it is not necessarily impossible. Important food for the liver detox are already mentioned above. Be sure to include those food in the daily diet and of course, drink lots of water everyday. Liver detox is a great way to purify the liver from all the toxins present in the body. If the liver gets overworked and a person fails to detox his/her liver, the liver might suddenly break down and release a pool of ammonia into the blood. This is a dangerous situation and can lead to the severe damage of nervous system, liver, brain, and kidneys. The body might also release lactic acid which can cause chronic fatigue, aching muscles, headache, anxiety, panic attacks, and high blood pressure –

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